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Travel to Spain - Prepare for the trip
Date : 2018-06-12

Spain is the second largest country in Europe, a multi-lingual country. Spanish is the official language, in addition to English and German is also commonly used. If you are intending to travel to Spain, visavietnamsupport makes it easier to plan with the following information.

Suitable time to travel to Spain

Because the country is large and the climate of each region is different. Please refer to each region to bring appropriate clothing.

The southern and eastern coasts are mildly weathered all year round due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate. The northern part is colder than the south and the center of Spain is hotter and drier.

As with other tourist destinations, the most appropriate time to travel is from June to August. Prices for services at this time will also be higher than normal.

If you want to save more then you can travel to Spain in April or October, this weather does not affect the quality of your trip.




Spanish cuisine is appreciated by indigenous peoples and must be prepared meticulously. When you come to Spain, try some specialties of this bullfighting country

Food: Jamon Serrano, cocido, chorizo, paella, fabada, longaniza, butifarra amb mongetes, tortilla, salchichon, lomo.



Beverages: Sangria, Shandy, Rioja, Portuguese wines.




Hotels, hostels or homestay ... in Spain is very diverse so when traveling to Spain you can easily find on the application or website. On weekends, hotels or incentives are available if you have a hard time finding out about the application.


Address note when traveling to Spain

Vietnamese Embassy in Spain

Address: C / Arturo Soria 201, 1-AyB 28043 Madrid, SPAIN

Phone Number: (3491) 510 2867

Fax: (3491) 415 7067



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